Our Services

Armed with specialist powers to help your school function effectively, and with all the technological tools for success, we offer a breadth of solutions.  These are just some of our customer favourites.

Super Training

Our IT experts are here to empower your team to use your systems and software to their full potential. We want to put you in total control.

Unfortunately, we can’t magic up a way for 30 children to behave all day every day, understand bus stop division or use a fronted adverbial (if we could we would be millionaires!) But every day is a school day. Especially for you. Our own thirst for knowledge means we can help you feel confident in using IT, as well as, impart some awesome easy tips and tricks to maximise learning potential and just make your life a little bit easier.

Cloud Saver

Is your server just not standing up to the job in hand?  Our cloud solutions may sound fluffy but they are anything but.

Banish the significant costs and vulnerability of hardware servers to the History books and let us show you how to enhance your storage, flexibility and your security. We won’t cloud over the details.  We will do a full review of your current systems to discover exactly which service is right for you.  Then help you migrate, manage and make the most of all the possibilities. Leaving you ready to take your learners sky high.

Wonder Wi-Fi

When there’s something strange with your Wi-Fi – who you gonna call?  First stop is our team of Wi-Fi heroes who use their powers to POW ZAP WOLLOP those problems away.

There’s no one-size fits all solution when it comes to Wi-Fi so we will do a full assessment. Whether it’s a simple repair, tweak or upgrade or a complete installation - we will leave you with faster, more reliable Wi-Fi. Our Super big-name sidekicks will ensure that our technicians can source whatever you need, when you need it.

Trust us, like these people do...

Ekte has been instrumental in transforming the way IT works at our school….
~ G. Ostah | Business
Ekte has provided the school with a reliable and robust solution… it’s the understanding of the service and commitment to customers that sets ekte apart.
~ J. Smith | IT Coordinator
Their support was on hand and any minor issues I encountered were dealt with efficiently and effectively.
~ A. Copley | Network Manager

OFSTED Destroyer

OFSTED can make an appearance at any time.  So your IT systems need to be able to support you.  You need to be able to access information at the click of a button – and not be worrying about where to find it.

With our fully managed service, our experts will take care of the IT whilst you take care of ensuring that your team are well prepared. Policies, procedures, lesson plans, personal records – all securely stored and ready to present, Wi-Fi on point and all your hardware in full working order ready for observations.  All you need to do is get the coffee and cakes in to celebrate a successful audit.

Cyber Protector

Hackers won’t care that its children’s sensitive data they are putting at risk – but we do!

Our Cyber security heroes battle the baddies every day to keep that data safe. From secure internet to self-healing cloud based servers and Google Chrome OS Security.  We take our responsibility and powers to defend your IT very seriously.  We assess your risks, defend your networks and devices and deploy a safe and secure infrastructure.  Everyone needs security – let us be yours.

Purchasing Powers

Batman and Robin. The Joker and Harley Quinn. Captain America and Bucky Barnes. All the best Superheroes need a sidekick and we are proud to be recognised partners with a number of the biggest players in the industry.

From Google and BT to 3CX, we choose our partners based on their ability to provide the best solutions in your education. Not only does it give us the expertise to help you use and upgrade your existing systems, but we can offer you all the purchasing powers we receive with the recognition. Let us do the research that will make your life easier.

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